“Mammo & Breast – PREP

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Includes new coverage of the latest digital imaging technologies.

Numerous radiographs teach you to recognize good and bad films and normal circumscribed lesions and breast calcifications.

High-quality diagrams help you learn correct patient positioning consistent with the American College of Radiography and the Mammography Quality Control Manual.

A complete review in mammography that includes the history of breast imaging, breast cancer detection, and treatment (including new imaging methods and recent advances in digital mammography, MRI, BSGI, DBT, volumtetric ultrasound imaging, and Cone Beam Breast CT).

Mammographers of ALL levels are eligible to take this course.

Meets ALL ARRT Category ‘A’ and state continuing education requirements. AHRA approved.

ARRT Course Coding

This course has been coded by the ARRT for the following:


Discipline Patient Care Image Production Procedures Interim Policy Credits Total Discipline Credits Total Course Credits
 Breast Sonography (BS)  4.00  5.00  10.00  19.00  27.00
 Mammography (MAM)  3.00  5.00  16.00  24.00  27.00
 Radiologist Assistant (RA)  2.00  5.00  7.00  27.00
 Sonography (SON)  2.00  2.50  5.00  9.50  27.00
 Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT)  2.00  2.00  27.00
 Radiation Therapy (THR)  2.00  2.00  27.00


All Radiologic Educational Services courses may be used for structured education or CQR requirements. Please note that structured education requires 16 hours with at least one hour in each category of the content specifications. It is your responsibility to determine if a course will apply towards your specific needs. Please see our product listings on the ARRT website for sub-category credit coding information.


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