“Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography” 7th Ed.

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California Radiologic Health Approvals
Accepted: Yes
Digital: 4 hours
Fluoroscopy: 4 hours


This classic, time-tested text builds on basic information and progresses to more complex concepts, covering essential information on the biologic effects of ionizing radiation and radiation protection to ensure its safe medical use. The combination of vibrant, full-color illustrations and an easy-to-use format, make it easy to see why this book has been a favorite among students and professionals for nearly two decades! Based on the textbook “Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography-7th Ed.” by Sherer, Visconti, Ritenour, and Haynes.

Each chapter of this textbook is separately approved by the AHRA for the following credit(s) (all chapters together total 24.0 Category A credits):

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Radiation Protection: 1.0
  • Chapter 2 – Radiation: Types, Sources, and Doses Received: 2.0
  • Chapter 3 – Interaction of X-Radiation with Matter: 1.75
  • Chapter 4 – Radiation Quantities and Units: 1.5
  • Chapter 5 – Radiation Monitoring: 1.5
  • Chapter 6 – Overview of Cell Biology: 1.75
  • Chapter 7 – Molecular and Cellular Radiation Biology: 2.0
  • Chapter 8 – Early Deterministic Radiation Effects on Organ Systems: 1.0
  • Chapter 9 – Late Deterministic and Stochastic Radiation Effects on Organ Systems: 1.75
  • Chapter 10 – Dose Limits for Exposure to Ionizing Radiation: 1.75
  • Chapter 11 – Equipment Design for Radiation Protection: 1.75
  • Chapter 12 – Management of Patient Radiation Dose During Diagnostic X-Ray Procedures: 1.25
  • Chapter 13 – Management of Imaging Personnel Radiation Dose During Diagnostic X-Ray Procedures: 2.75
  • Chapter 14 – Radioisotopes and Radiation Protection: 2.25

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Meets ALL ARRT Category ‘A’ and state continuing education requirements. AHRA approved.

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ARRT Course Coding

This course has been coded by the ARRT for the following:


Discipline Patient Care Image Production Procedures Safety Total Discipline Credits Total Course Credits
 Bone Densitometry (BD)  2.00  2.00  24.00
 Cardiac-Interventional Radiography (CI)  2.00  2.00  24.00
 Computed Tomography (CT)  2.00  2.00  24.00
 Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT)  2.00  2.00  24.00
 Quality Management (QM)  4.00  4.00 24.00
 Radiologist Assistant (RA)  4.00  4.00  24.00
 Radiography (RAD)  15.00  15.00  24.00
 Radiation Therapy (THR)  4.00  4.00  24.00
 Vascular-Interventional Radiography (VI)  2.00  2.00  24.00


All Radiologic Educational Services courses may be used for structured education or CQR requirements. Please note that structured education requires 16 hours with at least one hour in each category of the content specifications. It is your responsibility to determine if a course will apply towards your specific needs. Please see our product listings on the ARRT website for sub-category credit coding information.


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